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The Synapse Podcast: Series List


College Neuro Network (CNN) Series

The College Neuro Network series is intended to help guide high school students who are interested in pursuing a neuroscience or psychology concentration in college. The series seeks to gain insight into the neuroscience department and opportunities at the most prestigious institutions in the nation by talking with both undergraduate students as well as professors of neuroscience and psychology. By doing this, we hope to help ease high school students’ school selection process well as enrich their understanding of interdisciplinary neuroscience fields.

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"Mind-fullness" Series

In the 'Mind-fullness' Series, we explore different aspects of human nature and talk about a variety of topics such as love songs of mice with Professor Tschida, how to unlock the person we want to be with Matthew from Brain Companion, and the importance of attractiveness in long-term intimate relationships with Dr. Hill. Our goal is to not only stay mindful of our brain and the world, but to invite our listeners to explore, digest, and keep our mind full of knowledge.


Wits in the Walks of Life

In 'Wits in the Walks of Life', we will be looking at how mental health ties into each of the 16 career clusters: namely Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, Architecture & Construction, Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications, Business, Management & Administration, Education & Training, Finance, Government & Public Administration, Health Science, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Services, Information Technology, Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales & Service, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, Transportation, Distribution & Logistics. This will be a 16 episode long series covering an interview with one video per cluster. This will help the viewers gain a broader perspective on how mental health ties in to all walks of life.

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The Mental Glow Up: Teenage Edition

'The Mental Glow-Up' is a podcast by teens, for teens that touches upon the importance of mental health awareness and features simple and doable activities to help manage stress and enhance the overall quality of one's mental health and well-being.

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Bonjour! In Neuron y Parle, we'll explore a variety of neuroscientific topics, such as linguistics, genetics, biomedical technology, psychology and more - but in French! Our team aims to spread valuable and interesting neuroscience knowledge in French. We also aim to serve as a medium for Francophiles to learn, understand and nourish their neuroscience knowledge desires, while keeping everything light-hearted and fun. So won't you come explore with us? Let's talk about it! On y parle !

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