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Studying for a neuroscience competition such as the Brain Bee? Want to learn more about the brain in general? Simply Neuroscience's Brain Resource Creation team has created a collection of resources devoted to fostering curiosity in interdisciplinary aspects of neuroscience. Several resources are based on the Brain Facts primer published by the Society for Neuroscience.


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Brain Study Resources

Chapter 1: Brain Basics (Brain Facts)

Chapter 2: Senses and Perception (Brain Facts)

Chapter 3: Movement (Brain Facts)

Chapter 4: Learning, Memory, and Emotions (Brain Facts)

Chapter 5: Thinking, Planning, and Language (Brain Facts)

Chapter 6: The Developing Brain (Brain Facts)

Chapter 7: Infant, Child, and Adolescent Brain (Brain Facts)

Chapter 8: Adult and Aging Brain (Brain Facts)

Chapter 9: Brain States (Brain Facts)

Chapter 10: The Body in Balance (Brain Facts)

Chapter 11: Childhood Disorders (Brain Facts)

Chapter 12: Psychiatric Disorders (Brain Facts)

Chapter 13: Addiction (Brain Facts)

Chapter 14: Injury and Illness (Brain Facts)

Chapter 15: Neurodegenerative Diseases (Brain Facts)

Chapter 16: Kinds of Research (Brain Facts)

Chapter 17: Solving Human Problems (Brain Facts)

Chapter 18: Neuroscience in Society (Brain Facts)

Neuroanatomy and Histology Glossary -- coming soon!

Patient Diagnosis and Case Studies Practice -- coming soon!

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