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Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Dr. David Eagleman (December 2022)

Dr. David Eagleman, a neuroscientist at Stanford University and international bestselling author, shared his insights on science communication, consciousness, neurodegeneration, and interdisciplinary neuroscience. 


Neurathon Workshop Series

(July 2022)

We hosted five days of neuroscience-themed personal and professional development seminars, which focused on networking skills, science policy 101, finding mentors, leadership styles, applying to higher education schools, and more.


Simply Neurocon 2022 (July 2022)

Simply Neurocon featured eight neuroscience and psychology expert speakers from around the world, with expertise in social psychology, computational neuroscience, popular media, scientific publishing, science advocacy, neurotechnology, and neuroscience and society.


Neuroethics Student Championship

(November 2022)


The Neuroethics Student Championship consisted of live debate matches between 32 high school and undergraduate students, who discussed "affirmative" and "negative" arguments for several neuroethics case studies.


Fireside Chat: 

Dr. Baland Jalal

(April 2022)

Dr. Baland Jalal, Ph.D., is a renowned neuroscientist and ‘one of the world’s leading experts on sleep paralysis’ according to the Telegraph. 


Fireside Chat: Ubadah Sabbagh

(March 2022)

Dr. Ubadah Sabbagh, a postdoctoral assistant at the McGovern Institute of MIT, shares how to navigate grad school and his experience in science outreach and policy. 


Brain Resource Connection Workshop

(February 2022)

Featuring two workshops created by BRC volunteers about introductory information on the cells of the nervous system and the connection between the gut and the brain.

brc workshop.JPG

Architectural Psychology with Dr. David Canter

(February 2022)

Dr. David Canter, from the University of Liverpool, shares his knowledge from Environmental Psychology, the field that studies our interactions with environments. 

arch psych.JPG

Neurotech Primer Bookclub

(January-March 2022)

The Neurotech Primer by NeurotechX covers the history of neurotechnology, its present, and its future. We discussed this book and our connections and takeaways. 

book club.JPG

Fireside Chat: Chloe Duckworth (January 23, 2022)

Hear about neuroscience entrepreneurship from Chloe Duckworth, CEO of Valence Vibrations, sends emotional perception knowledge through touch, and Hope Hearted, which sends sanitary products to unhoused people.

Fireside Chat - Chloe Duckworth.png

SN Focus Group #4: Stuti Chakraborty

(January 2021)

Ms. Stuti Chakraborty, co-founder of Stimulus, a non-profit to raise awareness of the brain, women in STEM and to counter ableism, speaks science communication and healthcare policy.


Brain Resource Creation Worskhop Hour

(November 2021)

Workshop about the neuroscience behind technology addiction for all to come and participate.

BRC 109.png

SN Focus Group #5: Dr. Melchor Rodrigo

(October 24, 2021)

Dr. Melchor Rodrigo serves as the Chair of Multiple Sclerosis in the Intl. Congress of Controversies in Neurology. He shares his background in neuroimmunology and community impact for to neuroscience and healthcare in both the U.S. and Argentina.

Focus Group 5 .png

Brain Resource Creation Workshop: Dreams and Memory (October 9, 2021)

Featuring two presentations created by BRC volunteers here at Simply Neuroscience, students learned about the neuroscience behind dreams and memory.


Jeopardy! Brainstorm Edition (September 25, 2021)

Tolu Faromika and Kristina Valkanas (hosts of the BrainCore Podcast) hosted an entertaining, educational game of brain-themed Jeopardy! Participants competed to win a gift card prize.

Jeopardy Event Promotion Post.png

IG Live with Dr Canh Van On

(September 26, 2021)

Dr. Canh Van On is a self-employed general practitioner, and a dyslexia advocate raising awareness of neurodiversity. 


Undergraduate Student Research Panel 

August 9, 2021

A panel of undergraduate students for high school students interested in learning what studying neuroscience is like and how to best succeed in college.

PSP summer camp - undergrad panel.png

Cerebral Cortex Camp 2021

(August 2021)

A 5 day came from the PSP department workshops, group projects, and games. The workshops include a panel with undergrad students, and a lesson on synaptic plasticity and rate of learning.


Focus Group with Dr. Julianne McCall

(August 29, 2021)

Dr. McCall shared about her extensive experiences in science policy (including precision medicine), leading the International Brain Bee, and academia.


Synaptic Hacks 2021

July 2021

A community event about neuroscience innovation. There were working groups and workshops on cognitive behavioral therapy, educational psychology, and poetry. 

Synaptic Hacks Announcement.png

Becoming a Brain Detective: Ms. Kimberly Fiock

(June 2021)

Ms. Kimberly Fiock introduces the field of neuropathology, differentiating between the normal appearance of a brain and how disease affects it. She also dives into keys to solving a diagnosis!

June 3rd Becoming a Brain Detective (Fiock).png

Fireside Chat with Dr. Deborah Levy (June 13, 2021)

Dr. Levy spoke about navigating a career in science and medicine as a woman with impostor syndrome, incorporating mental health and public health advocacy work in psychiatry, and how to synthesize multiple interests in science into a career.

613 Fireside Chat (Dr. Deborah Levy).png

Simply Neurocon 2021

June 2021

An online conference which allowed people to foster their interdisciplinary interests in brain research. 


Neurological Diseases Research Panel

(May 23, 2021)

A panel of a master’s student, Ph.D. candidate, and Ph.D. research officer on cutting-edge research on the basics of brain diseases.

1 (2).png

Neuropsychology Panel

May 22, 2021

Hear from the hosts of the Brain Core Podcast, Tolu and Kristina, about starting their podcasts and their interests in neuropsychology. Additionally, hear from Erik Nook, who studies how emotion and language interact.


Untangle the Ball of Neurons in our Head: Dr. Chiara Magliaro

(April 24, 2021)

Learn from post-doc researcher, Dr. Magliaro in neuron segmentation and neuron tissue clarification.

April 24th Magliaro Event.png

Focus Group #3: University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Panel (April 17, 2021)

Learn about neuroscience policymaking from a group of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Neuroscience and Public Policy Program!


Brain Breaks 2021

(April 11, 2021)

This event allowed brain nerds play games and get to know each other.

Brain Breaks.png

Pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuro: Nicole Vissers

(April 3, 2021)

Hear from Ms. Nicole Vissers about her path to a Ph.D., what a Ph.D. entails and her advice to others who want to follow that path. 

April 3rd Vissers speaker event.png

Neuroscience and Global Health Panel

(March 20, 2021)

A virtual panel on the intersection of global health and neuroscience featuring Dr. James Giordano, Dr. Nirali Vora, Dr. Jerome Chin, and Dr. Sarah Tom.

global health.PNG

Brain Breaks

(March 14, 2021)

We hosted an interactive neuroscience trivia and virtual networking session for students looking to take a break during the stressful midterm season.


Neuroscience and Society Focus Group #2: Maya Supiurka

(February 27, 2021)

Dr. Maya Sapiurka, a Scientific Training and Policy Associate at the Society for Neuroscience, joined us for a discussion on empowering youth through expanding policy education and action.

Image from iOS (12).png

Simply Neurocon 2020

(August 2020)

An online conference which allowed people to foster their interdisciplinary interests in brain research. 


Pre-Synaptic Project: Neuroscience 101

(January-June 2021)

A set of 6 classes for students aged 11-14 to introduce them to the brain. 

Image from iOS (8).jpg

International Youth Brain Summit

(July 31-August 2, 2020)

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