Here at Simply Neuroscience, our team members collaborate on a variety of topics through our many initiatives. Hover over each box to learn more about each one!

Outreach & Research
Action Potential Advising Program
Advice Hotline
Brain Resource Creation
"The Synapse"
Computational & Systems Neuroscience
Neuroscience and Society
Media/Video Content Creation
Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program

Outreach and Research Sub-Projects

Research Resources Team

  • Helping students understand what neuroscience/STEM research consists of and its importance. Aims to put a fresh “less nerdy” face to STEM Research through creative use of media

Presynaptic Project

  • A global, student-led initiative devoted to introducing interdisciplinary neuroscience into early education through creating lesson plans and hosting workshops

Beyond the Five x SN Collaboration

  • Beyond The Five x Simply Neuroscience's collaboration will work to further Beyond The Five’s current Neuropsychology course pathway through developing advanced courses and implementing an independent neuroscience research initiative for students to be able to gain hands-on experience applying their neuroscience knowledge from other BT5 courses, SN materials, and more.​

Guide to Research

  • Aims to empower students by offering them guidance in the form of a guide to pursue research. We are also working on compiling an Opportunities Database that aims to provide a comprehensive list of opportunities for high school students to get involved in neuroscience/STEM through events, research, and immersive programs organized by geographic region.

Humans of Neuroscience

  • Humans of Neuroscience is an initiative dedicated to sharing the stories of the humans in neuroscience and psychology, of all ages and educational backgrounds, to showcase the amazing diversity in the brain community.​

Human Resources

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