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Pursuing the brain, unlocking the future...one neuron at a time.


Simply Neuroscience is an international, student-led organization that empowers students to get involved in the interdisciplinary fields of neuroscience and psychology through education, outreach, and awareness initiatives.


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Who We Are

We are an international team of students, leaders and changemakers with a shared passion for neuroscience, psychology, and their multifaceted applications in other fields within STEM and the humanities.

What We Do

From creating free study resources to building supportive mentorship communities, we help students pursue their "brain" journey through a variety of avenues.

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Join our global community of students and professionals and find out how you can make an impact.

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Simply Neural Network Partners

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The Simply Neural Network is a global coalition of 95+ youth organizations/initiatives centered around neuroscience/psychology education, mental health awareness, disability advocacy, and more.

Interested in joining? Email us at neuralnetwork@simplyneuroscience.org to learn more!

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Hear From Our Community Members

Tvesha S.

Simply Neuroscience is a non-profit organization run by open-minded and ambitious students located all across the globe. During my time as a part of this organization, I have met some of the most intelligent, creative, and positive individuals and been a part of a variety of super cool initiatives. I am so excited to continue my work here and make a difference in other students' lives!

Gurleen B.

Simply Neuroscience has connected me to some of the most hardworking, passionate, and inspiring young people I will ever meet. I have friends all around the world, and I am so grateful for their support in all the projects I take on at Simply Neuroscience. Being part of a neuroscience community has helped solidify my interest in the subject, and direct me to resources that will allow me to explore my passion in the future!

Angelo B.

Simply Neuroscience has truly allowed me to bring my passion for neuroscience and psychology to a new level. Within this community, I have been able to craft relationships and bond with various individuals across the globe over a common interest: the brain! This experience has been extremely rewarding.

SN Team Member

SN Team Member

As a youth-run volunteer organization, Simply Neuroscience is accomplishing SO much! Thank you Simply Neuroscience for the podcasts, speakers, curriculum, positive posts, and all the other inspirational things you contribute to neuroscience.

Paige W.

SN members bond over a love of human ingenuity, wanting to share that love with everyone! It's an incredible community of some of the most driven and inquisitive people I've ever met.

SN is an organized, open, and friendly environment that I have been more than lucky to join. I was able to be exposed to so many creative thinkers and advanced initiatives. SN is always open to new ideas from members which creates an amazing inclusive environment. I'm looking forward to the new ideas and projects that the organization creates.

SN Team Member

Alexandra D.

SN is an organized, open, and friendly environment that I have been more than lucky to join. I was able to be exposed to so many creative thinkers and advanced initiatives. SN is always open to new ideas from members which creates an amazing inclusive environment. I'm looking forward to the new ideas and projects that the organization creates.

SN really opened up my mind to issues, careers, and outreach in neuroscience that I never previously knew about. For example, SN has recently started a mentoring program centered on neuroscience, and I love that this community is able to impact those who probably would not have access to neuroscience topics otherwise!

Sarah M.

SN has become something similar to a second home for me. Everyone is so kind, driven, and motivated to make a change, and the content I have had the opportunity to contribute to is absolutely incredible. I am so glad I found SN!